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Gate Safety

Comments (0) Posted by: Century on November 11st, 2014 @ 6:00 PM
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Gate Satefy Systems

Century Electronic Security Ltd take safety seriously, measures taken on every installation ensure you the client have not only the best quality products to match your requirements but also the safest, that comply with all current safety legislation.

In June 2010, the tragic deaths of two young children inseparate incidents less than one week apart served to highlight the safety issues facing the UK gate automation industry. This was particularly the case since these tragedies followed so soon after the conviction of a gate manufacturer for breaches of health and safety law inrelation to an earlier child fatality.

The legal position is that powered gate systems are considered to be “machinery”. This means that, by law,every new powered gate, when it is put into service, must comply with the European Machinery Directive(2006/42/EC), especially the Directive’s Essential Health and Safety Requirements, be CE marked and accompanied by a Declaration of Conformity. The Health and SafetyExecutive has lead responsibility for enforcement of this legislation, which has been transposed into UK law as theSupply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008. The responsibility for complying with the law rests with the responsible person which will be either the manufacturer,supplier or installer, depending on the circumstances.

The key to compliance with the law is risk assessment,which includes identifying the hazards, estimating theseverity and likelihood of each hazard, followed by an evaluation to determine whether each hazard is adequately controlled and, if it is not, what further action needs to be taken to control the risk; the principal aim isto secure compliance with the Machinery Directive’s Essential Health and Safety Requirements.

Some guidance on hazards presented by powered gates is given below. There are also European standards covering safety requirements and test methods; use of these standards will simplify risk assessment and compliance may also create a presumption of compliance with the law. It should, however, be noted that these standards were, for the most part, writtenfor use in a factory environment and it may not be possible to carry out all the necessary tests where a gate is created on site.A brief description of the available standards is given.

Responsibilities of the installer/manufacturer

A new powered gate installation must comply with the Machinery Directive, particularly the safety requirements set out in theEssential Health and Safety Requirements. In most cases, the final responsibility for ensuring this will lie with the installer. Thiswould apply in all of the following situations:

• The installer manufactures the gate and drive unit, including the controller

• The installer manufactures the gate, but uses controllers and drive units from another manufacturer

• The installer buys the gate, controllers and drive units from other manufacturers, and commissions the final assembly

However, when a complete gate is placed on the market, such as a “factory manufactured” gate supplied with all ancillary parts (all drive units, safety devices, and control units), and comprehensive installation and setting instructions, the person placing the product on the market will have the responsibility of complying with the Machinery Directive. The installer still has responsibility under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to ensure the gate has been installed correctly and safely in accordance with those instructions, including any adjusting and setting of the safety devices.

To recieve a free no obligation risk assesment of your existing Gate system or if you are considering installing a new gate or gate automation system call Century on 0800 052 6070.

Security System Takeovers

Comments (0) Posted by: Century on July 15th, 2014 @ 3:11 PM
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Are you left confused or unhappy after your security system has been serviced?

Do you feel you are not getting your monies worth?

Are you paying too much?

Do you want a faster engineer response?

At Century Electronic Security Ltd, we can take-over the maintenance and monitoring of any Fire & Security System which has been installed or maintained by any other Security Company.

We understand that you have your own requirements and relevant regulations and we can design and implement a service and maintenance package in accordance to these.

Why should you switch to us

At Century Electronic Security we regularly receive calls from customers who ask us if we will take over their existing Security System. Here are a few reasons why people decide to transfer their system maintenance over to us;

  • Their existing company or installer is impossible to get ahold of when needed
  • They have received a poor level of service from their existing installer
  • The current installer or company cannot repair a fault or solve a problem correctly or efficiently
  • They have just moved into a new property, but don't have any details of the system
  • The existing company or installer has gone out of business
  • They are after a professional, well trained company

The systems we take-over

Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarms, CCTV Systems, Access Control, Intercoms, Automatic Gates and Parking Barriers

How do you start the take-over process?

Simply give Century Electronic Security a call or contact us online to enquire about taking over your already existing alarm system.

We will then provide you with a free, no obligation review of your system and a quotation to fix any present faults and take over the service, maintenance and monitoring.

Should you require any new equipment, we are here to advise on the best solution to ensure your home or business is fully covered


How can an Access Control System improve your Businesses Security?

Comments (0) Posted by: Century on May 20th, 2014 @ 2:56 PM
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If you are a business owner looking to improve productivity within your business, you have to employ the right security measures to protect not only your valuable assets but your employees.

When your business area is secured, your employees will feel secure too and they can then focus better on their jobs. Not only this, but you as the business owner will not have to worry about your commercial property being targeted by criminals.


Currently, there are many different Access Control Systems that can be applied to your business to improve the security, such as:

  • Biometrics
  • Card or Fob Entry 
  • DDA Security
  • Coded Entry
  • Video or Audio Entry

Whether your businesses requirements may be from large security systems to minor entry systems, we at Century Electronic Security offer the highest standards of care and equipment, giving you peace of mind that you are completely protected. Please see below for how you are set to benefit if you were to invest in an Access Control System:

You have complete control...

When it comes to a business's security, we take matters seriously. As a business owner you don't want to be staying up late at night wondering if your business will be safe or not. But once you have an Access Control System installed; only authorised staff members and individuals can have access to certain premises. To gain entry to them, they must have been given their own personal business PIN, ID Cards or Fobs or registered with the Biometric System (finger print recognition or iris scanner) to be identified and granted access.

Added protection to your most valuable assets...

Valuable assets can be a range of products, dependent on your businesses nature. Assets can be office computers and stationery to cars and shop merchandise. Installing an Access Control System will help you to restrict the traffic to the most delicate areas of your premises. Even when all employees and visitors have been screened, certain information and assets must only be used, seen or authorised personnel. When access is restricted in a particular area (like a stores rooms for parts or products), anyone who attempts to steal or carry out malicious activity within this area will find it very difficult to do so!

Easy to scale up - big or small...

Whether you are a small business or a large business, you need a system that will fit your security requirements, whilst allowing you to expand as your business grows. Access Control Systems are easy to scale up and can be used on more than one site, meaning you'll be safe in the knowledge that even when you need to set up a new location, your security requirements will be taken care of.


When you are able to control who gets into your premises and how they can move once they are inside, the risks of theft are then greatly lowered. 

If you require an Access Control System for your company or would like to find out more information, please do not hesitate to contact us on our FREEPHONE on 0800 052 6070 and we will help you find the right system to suit your businesses demands.


Or, if you would like to find out about our range of Access Control Systemsplease click here.

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