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Simple Tips on Preventing Shoplifting

Comments (0) Posted by: Century on August 11st, 2014 @ 09:35 AM
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The theft Act 1968 says that "a person who dishonestly takes property belonging to another, with the intention of permanently depriving the other of that property is guilty of theft".

Your primary goal as a business owner should be to deter shoplifters from your business and to prevent theft from occurring in the first instance. While security cameras can help to identify suspects after a theft occurs, they are not enough to deter a potential criminal on certain occasions. There is plenty of ways you, as a business owner, can do to prevent a shop lifting event happen.

  • Greet your customers: By greeting your customers as soon as they enter the store, you remove the anonymity of the customer. Shoplifters are known to avoid stores with attentive salespeople, so may be take this into consideration during staff training.
  • Enforce a shoplifting policy: Post the policy you have created so that both employees and customers are aware of it. Offer ongoing training for your employees so that they understand how to prevent and handle a shoplifter if a situation does occur. Remember that it can be quite daunting approaching someone who you feel might be a criminal so it is important that your staff are fully prepared.
  • Keep the main targeted items away: Keep the commonly stolen goods in plain view to discourage shoplifters. Place the items in areas such as the front of the store, near the cash register or in another highly visible area.
  • Organise stock items: A disorganised store tells a shoplifter that the employees are not paying attention to their surroundings. It is important that you maintain clean racks, shelves and dressing rooms. Also keep your display shelves low and install adequate lighting to maintain clear visibility throughout the store and there are no dark areas.
  • Watch for the clues: Watch for the customers that walk into your store and straight away avoid eye contact, seem nervous, wander the store, constantly look at store employees or exhibit any other suspicious behaviour. Always approach shoppers who exhibit suspicious behaviours and ask if they need help, as this is often enough to deter potential shoplifters. 
  • Walk the store: Encourage your employees to walk around the store and down various isles (particularly down past the walls).
  • Fitting rooms: Set up a system where customers are required to see a salesperson before using the fitting rooms. Post signs in the fitting room warning against shoplifting and the consequences people will face if they do.


Please always ensure that your personal safety is your first concern. Staff should be trained in procedures for dealing with shoplifting incidents.

How To Minimise False Alarms

Comments (0) Posted by: Century on March 20th, 2014 @ 10:53 AM
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False alarms are a problem for everyone. They can be a nuisance to not only yourself, but to your neighbours especially! It is an ongoing effort to reduce the number of false alarms our customers and non-customers experience. Here are a few simple tips on how to eliminate false alarms.

  • Have your Intruder Alarm System installed by a qualified and reputable Electronic Security Company.
  • Ensure that you have your system maintained and serviced once a year by a professional company, as this will help prevent potential faults from occurring and ensures that all parts are in good working order.
  • Regularly inspect all detectors for signs of dust, spiders, webs, moisture or anything else that could trigger the alarm when armed.
  • Ensure you are provided with an Intruder Alarm System Manual.
  • Make sure that any panic buttons are not easily accessible to children and/or pets.
  • If you have a Wireless System, ensure that all batteries are changed regularly.
  • Do not leave balloons or other moveable items in a room that has a motion detector
  • Eliminate any rodents or other pests/insects (as these are the most common causes of false activations on alarms)
  • Ensure that everyone using the system has been trained to do so and knows all of the codes needed
  • Upgrade aging or outdated equipment as older systems are far more prone to false alarms.
  • In the event of a false alarm activation, investigate what the cause was and take the necessary steps to ensure that it doesn't occur again.
  • Regularly test your Intruder Alarm System to make sure that it is functioning correctly.

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Wired or Wireless Alarm Systems? Which is best?

Comments (0) Posted by: Century on March 6th, 2014 @ 4:22 PM
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Choosing a security system for your home is something that can take a bit of consideration and time. It is very important that you research into your potential security system as much as you can to ensure that you have selected the system that best fits your needs. The main aspect that you will consider when is whether you need or prefer a Wireless or Wired Alarm System.

Century Electronic Security has provided below a list of the significant differences in the installation of both types and a few "Pros and Cons" for each that you should consider...


Wired Alarm System

This type of system generally involves the use of sensors that can be installed onto windows and doors in your home. They are wired to the main panel of your security system panel and can be hidden under floorboards, skirting boards and carpets.

The pros:

  • Less maintenance is required
  • They allow a greater distance between each device
  • They tend to be much cheaper
  • Receives no interference from other electrical devices
  • If at any time the wiring is cut, the alarm will sound immediately

The Cons:

  • Installation takes a lot of effort
  • It can be difficult to hide the cables
  • Installation can also take up a lot of time
  • Could possibly mean taking up floorboards, pulling off side boards and drilling into walls


Wireless Alarm System

These systems work in a similar way, as sensors are place on windows and doors too, but instead of linking these sensors via wiring that is hidden away; the sensors transmit information to the main panel by using a wireless technology.

The pros:

  • Installation requires much less effort
  • Adding extra features such as sensors is very simple
  • They are easy to move about (if you are to move house)
  • Installation time is a lot quicker
  • No cables and no mess

The cons:

  • More maintenance is required for batteries and other products
  • There are limitations in terms of distance
  • They can be relatively more expensive than a wired alarm
  • They cannot achieve a security grading above the standard grade 2
  • They can be disabled easier than a wired system

While a Wired Alarm System is considered to be the more reliable of the two, it can be difficult to choose what is best for your individual requirements. Both types of systems can be enhanced with a variety of options such as cameras, extra sensors, intercom systems and even monitoring. We can advise and guide you to choose the correct system for your home.


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Why do you need to service and maintain your Intruder Alarm System?

Comments (0) Posted by: Century on February 24th, 2014 @ 10:24 AM
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It can be extremely easy to look over the security of your home by missing out on having your annual maintenance service for your Intruder Alarm System. But in missing this, can you be sure that you will be aware of an important issue (that could potentially be costly) before it is too late?

If you are unfortunate enough to experience a break-in to your property while your existing security system is not intact (having not been serviced and maintained), your insurance provider may use that against any claims that you try to make to replace any lost possessions, as well as repair any break-in damage to your home (such as a smashed window for entry).

Imagine arriving home after a holiday, work or even after a quick trip to the shops and seeing your front door wide open, your belongings trashed and most of your valuables and possessions missing - with your alarm system completely unaware.

After something like this happens, it can be very difficult to feel safe in your own home (the place you should feel safest in the first place) as every sound, bang and clatter no matter how familiar is viewed as a threat.

How can Century help?

In order to avoid such scenarios, Century Electronic Security Ltd recommends investing in an Intruder Alarm System that is regularly serviced by your provider, as it is vital any system is kept in good working order. A regular maintenance visit from one of our qualified and experienced engineers will ensure that any Security System remains effective and prevents any potential faults from occurring.

We can take over the maintenance on any security system which has been installed or maintained by any other security company. We understand that you have your own requirements and we can design and implement a service and maintenance package in accordance to these.

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