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CCTV Code Of Practice Comes Into Force

Comments (0) Posted by: Century on August 12nd, 2013 @ 2:00 PM
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The new rules - introduced by the Home Office - state that CCTV cameras should be used to protect & support people, not to spy on them.

The code states that: "The purpose... will be top ensure that individuals and wider communities have confidence that surveillance cameras are deployed to protect and support them, rather than spy on them.

\bThe Government considers that wherever overt surveillance in public places is in pursuit of a legitimate aim and meets a pressing need, any such surveillance should be characterised as surveillance by consent."

  • More then 1.85 million CCTV cameras are in operation across Britain, according to Association of Chief Police Officers research in 2009.
  • Most are operated by private companies, businesses & individuals.
  • Some 51,600 CCTV cameras are controlled by local authorities, while 2,107 schools operate a further 47,806 cameras. More than 100,000 watch us while we use public transport.
  • Campaigners say the code does not go far enough in ensuring CCTV systems are not misused.

Emma Carr, from civil liberties group Big Brother Watch, said CCTV remains a vital issue.

"We're getting an increasing amount of phone calls and letters from people who are concerned about their neighbours putting up CCTV cameras in their gardens, which cover their own private areas and sometimes look into their houses," she told Sky News.

"And then there's also the technological development in terms of CCTV. Facial recognition and HD CCTV cameras. Theses are all available online to pretty much anybody,"

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