Simple Ways To Prevent A Fire In Your Home

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Simple Ways To Prevent A Fire In Your Home

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  • Never leave candles unattended and ensure they are blown out properly.
  • Always use a purpose made candle holder, away from walls, furniture and material.
  • Ensure all lighters and matches are stored away from children and heat sources.


  • Ensure all cigarettes are out and properly disposed of.
  • Use large, deep ashtrays on sturdy surfaces.
  • Dont smoke in bed.

Electrical Goods

  • Never overload plug sockets or extension cables.
  • Regularly check Electrical Goods and wires for any damage and wear.
  • Do not run cords where they could be stood on, eg under carpets and rugs.
  • Do not handle Electrical Goods with wet hands and ensure there are no fluids nearby.

In the Kitchen

  • Never leave the kitchen when grilling, frying or boiling food.
  • Ensure that the stove is kept well clear of any items which could set alight.
  • Keep loose clothing away from heating appliances.
  • Clean ovens, hobs, grills and toasters regularly to prevent build up of food and grease.
  • Keep long hair tied back when cooking.

At Night

  • Switch off and unplug all Electrical Appliances.
  • Ensure all candles and cigarettes are extinguished.
  • Check that the cooker, hob and heaters are all turned off.
  • Shut every door in the house, as this helps to prevent a fire from spreading.

Be Prepared

  • Make a fire escape plan for your family.
  • Pick a safe meeting point outside.
  • Know how to 'Stop, Drop & Roll'.
  • Learn how to use a fire extinguisher.
  • Never hesitate to call the Fire Brigade in the event of a fire.

Smoke Alarm

  • Install a smoke alarm on every level of your home.
  • Test them frequently.
  • Replace the batteries twice a year.
  • Never take the batteries out.





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