Top Tips for Holiday Security this Summer 2014

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Top Tips for Holiday Security this Summer 2014

Comments (0) Posted by: Century on July 29th, 2014 @ 1:18 PM

If you are planning on spending time away from your home this summer - make sure that you return to it as you left it! Century Electronic Security Ltd has provided you our Top Tips on how to ensure that your property stays safe while you are on holiday. 

  1. If you have newspapers or milk delivered to your house daily, remember to inform them of the dates that you are going away. Leaving a build up of these items can show a potential intruder you are not at home.
  2. Tell your neighbours that you are going away so that if they see anything out of the norm, they know to report it to the necessary person (be it yourself or the police). 
  3. If you have an existing alarm system ensure that it is working correctly and efficiently by having it serviced regularly. You should also update the keyholders so that the most appropriate person is contacted while you're away.
  4. Use automatic switches to turn on your radio, TV or lights around your house.
  5. Keep valuable items such as iPads, iPods, tablets and laptops stored away and out of site.
  6. Don't have your home address shown on your luggage for the outward journey.
  7. Before you leave, double check all locks on doors, garages, windows and sheds are fully locked and safe.
  8. Use motion detection outdoor security lighting to light up your property at night when someone walks onto your land.
  9. Provide contact information to your neighbours incase of an emergency.
  10. Do not advertise on social networking that you are going away on holiday
  11. Before you leave we insist that you have one last check around the building, ensuring that there are no open windows or valuables left on show.
  12. Lastly, have a good holiday!



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