Why do you need to service and maintain your Intruder Alarm System?

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Why do you need to service and maintain your Intruder Alarm System?

Comments (0) Posted by: Century on February 24th, 2014 @ 10:24 AM
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It can be extremely easy to look over the security of your home by missing out on having your annual maintenance service for your Intruder Alarm System. But in missing this, can you be sure that you will be aware of an important issue (that could potentially be costly) before it is too late?

If you are unfortunate enough to experience a break-in to your property while your existing security system is not intact (having not been serviced and maintained), your insurance provider may use that against any claims that you try to make to replace any lost possessions, as well as repair any break-in damage to your home (such as a smashed window for entry).

Imagine arriving home after a holiday, work or even after a quick trip to the shops and seeing your front door wide open, your belongings trashed and most of your valuables and possessions missing - with your alarm system completely unaware.

After something like this happens, it can be very difficult to feel safe in your own home (the place you should feel safest in the first place) as every sound, bang and clatter no matter how familiar is viewed as a threat.

How can Century help?

In order to avoid such scenarios, Century Electronic Security Ltd recommends investing in an Intruder Alarm System that is regularly serviced by your provider, as it is vital any system is kept in good working order. A regular maintenance visit from one of our qualified and experienced engineers will ensure that any Security System remains effective and prevents any potential faults from occurring.

We can take over the maintenance on any security system which has been installed or maintained by any other security company. We understand that you have your own requirements and we can design and implement a service and maintenance package in accordance to these.

Talk to us today about Intruder Alarm Systems

Whether you have an existing Intruder Alarm System installed or you require a new Intruder Alarm installation, we can help you select the best solution to secure your home or business.

Please do not hesitate to contact us today on 0800 052 6070 and see exactly how we can keep you, your family and your property protected.





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