Wired or Wireless Alarm Systems? Which is best?

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Wired or Wireless Alarm Systems? Which is best?

Comments (0) Posted by: Century on March 6th, 2014 @ 4:22 PM
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Choosing a security system for your home is something that can take a bit of consideration and time. It is very important that you research into your potential security system as much as you can to ensure that you have selected the system that best fits your needs. The main aspect that you will consider when is whether you need or prefer a Wireless or Wired Alarm System.

Century Electronic Security has provided below a list of the significant differences in the installation of both types and a few "Pros and Cons" for each that you should consider...


Wired Alarm System

This type of system generally involves the use of sensors that can be installed onto windows and doors in your home. They are wired to the main panel of your security system panel and can be hidden under floorboards, skirting boards and carpets.

The pros:

  • Less maintenance is required
  • They allow a greater distance between each device
  • They tend to be much cheaper
  • Receives no interference from other electrical devices
  • If at any time the wiring is cut, the alarm will sound immediately

The Cons:

  • Installation takes a lot of effort
  • It can be difficult to hide the cables
  • Installation can also take up a lot of time
  • Could possibly mean taking up floorboards, pulling off side boards and drilling into walls


Wireless Alarm System

These systems work in a similar way, as sensors are place on windows and doors too, but instead of linking these sensors via wiring that is hidden away; the sensors transmit information to the main panel by using a wireless technology.

The pros:

  • Installation requires much less effort
  • Adding extra features such as sensors is very simple
  • They are easy to move about (if you are to move house)
  • Installation time is a lot quicker
  • No cables and no mess

The cons:

  • More maintenance is required for batteries and other products
  • There are limitations in terms of distance
  • They can be relatively more expensive than a wired alarm
  • They cannot achieve a security grading above the standard grade 2
  • They can be disabled easier than a wired system

While a Wired Alarm System is considered to be the more reliable of the two, it can be difficult to choose what is best for your individual requirements. Both types of systems can be enhanced with a variety of options such as cameras, extra sensors, intercom systems and even monitoring. We can advise and guide you to choose the correct system for your home.


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