Fingerprint Identification Systems

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Fingerprint Identification Systems

Among all the Biometric Security Systems, finger-based identification is the oldest yet most successful method used in numerous applications. It is one of the most developed Biometric Systems, with more history, design and research than any other system.

Over the years, fingerprint identification has become one of the most used systems, with a number of civil and criminal systems across the world.

A fingerprint is usually matched to a reference number or a PIN which is then matched to a persons name or account. In instances of security, the match is generally used to grant or disable access, but this can now also beFingerprint Identification Systems used for time clocks or payroll access.

Fingerprint Identification Systems take impressions of the friction ridges on the underside of the finger tips. Everyone has their own unique fingerprints so are different to anyone else. Even identical twins, who share the same DNA do not have the same prints!

There are numerous approaches to Fingerprint Identification, such as the traditional police method using pattern-matching devices and a livescan device, which basically reads or photographs the print by measuring the physical difference between ridges and valleys.

Our highly trained engineers can help and advice you on which type of system will suit your requirements.


  • They are simple to use
  • Only small storage space is required
  • Offers high levels of accuracy
  • Most developed Biometrics, with more history, research and design
  • Relatively in-expensive.

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