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Fire Alarm System Categories

There are many different types of Fire Alarm Systems suited to different building types and applications. They can vary both in price and complexity from a single panel, detector and sounder in a small commercial building, to an Addressable System in a multi-occupancy building.

This brief guide below details the classifications for commercial systems. The categories of Fire Alarm Systems are:

Category "L" Systems

These systems are automatic fire detection systems intended for the protection of life. They are further sub-divided into the following subcategories:

L1 System

This system is designed for the protection of life and has automatic detectors installed throughout all areas of the building, with the aim of providing the earliest possible warning.  





  L2 System

Also designed for the protection of life, it has automated detectors installed in the escape routes. They are similar to an L3 System, but with additional detection in an area where there is a high chance of ignition or where the risk to employees is particularly increased.  




   L3 System

These systems are designed to give early warning. The detectors should be placed in all of the escape routes and all rooms that open on to an escape route. Their objective is to warn the staff members of the building early enough to ensure that all are able to exit safely before escape routes become impassable. 




L4 System 

Category 4 systems cover escape routes and circulation areas only. So, therefore, detectors will be placed in escape routes (depending on the risk assessment or the size and complexity of the premises). 




 L5 System

This is the "other situations" category (such as your computer rooms), which may be protected with an extinguishing system triggered by automatic detection. They are the "custom" category and relate to some special requirements that can't be covered by any other.  



Category "M" Systems

These systems are manual, so therefore incorporate no automatic fire detectors.

  M System

Manual Systems could be hand-bells or gongs, may be manual or manual electric and the latter may have call points and sounders. They rely completely on the occupants of the building to discover the fire to warn the other members by operating the system. Such systems form the basic requirement for places of employment with no sleeping risk. 



Category "P" Systems

These systems are automatic fire detectors intended for the protection of a property. They divide into two subcategories:


 P1 System

This system is installed throughout the building - the objective to call the fire brigade as early as possible to minimise any fire damage. Small, low risk areas can be accepted such as toilets or cupboards.  




P2 Systems

Detection should be provided in parts of the building where risk of ignition is higher or the contents are particularly valuable. This system provides fire detection in specified parts of the building, so that disruption is minimised if there is a problem.



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