How do Security Barriers Work?

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How do Security Barriers Work?

Radio Controls

The transmitter is the most commonly used control device for activation of a Barrier. The transmitter normally has one or more channels (keys), with the commands on the control unit, powered by an internal battery. To operate, the transmitter must be combined with a specific receiver equipped with one or more channels to receive signals sent by the transmitter. Several compatible transmitters can be memorised on each receiver.

Switches and Proximity Readers

In addition to the transmitter, the user can activate the automation by means a key or digital switch or by using a proximity reader for proximity cards.

Gear Motors for Barriers

The motor acts on the gate to enable movement. It can be single or double, mounted underground or externally.

Control Unit

The control unit contains the electronics for control of the motors in the barrier used to activate it. It can be external, connected to one or two motors or integreated in the motor itself. There are many different types of control units, ranging from the simplest versions to the more complex models with advanced function possibilities.

Safety Devices

  • Photocells: these are activation detectors to enable obstacle detection within the operating radius of the automation. On detection of an obstacle, the photocells send a pulse signal to the control unit, blocking automation movement via the motors in the barrier. These devices guarantee improved safety of automated gates and barriers with respect to manual versions.
  • Flashing lights: the flashing light is used to indicate the movement of the barrier, increasing visibility for those located in the area.

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