Iris Recognition Scanners

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Iris Recognition Scanners

Iris Scanners are one of the most popular Biometric Security Systems in use today (especially those with valuable information and belongings that must be protected at all costs).

Iris Recognition is one of the most secure and hygienic Biometric techIris Recognition Scannersnology available. These systems can be easily integrated into existing software and security applications. They make it so much easier for employers and employees to enter and leave the building and you will also find that the enhanced security will be appreciated by all users.

The Iris is the area of the eye where the pigmented or coloured circle rings the pupil of the eye. The scan can still be done regardless of glasses or contact lenses. Although the scanners are slightly expensive, they are an ideal choice for Time and Attendance, Access Control and data security applications.

High accuracy and efficiency make Iris Scanners an ideal choice for high security Biometric applications.


  • Imitation is almost impossible
  • Not intrusive
  • Very hygienic (as no physical contact is needed)
  • Highly accurate

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