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Home CCTV Cameras Tamworth

Surveillance has become increasingly important in the last few years as a method of protection. Closed Circuit Television is one of the best ways to monitor your property and is a great deterrent. If you’ve not considered this as an option before, then it’s time to reconsider – and we’re here to help.

Key CCTV Benefits:

Affordable, high quality CCTV systems offering protection
CCTV no longer needs to be an expensive purchase. High quality systems are now available at affordable prices for both domestic and commercial users.

Transmit CCTV footage to a range of devices, including Android and iPhones
Send footage to view on a range of devices so you’ve always got a copy or backup to hand.

Stop yourself from being a target with our CCTV systems
CCTV will go a long way to preventing crime and deterring criminals. Protect yourself and your property.

Fully integrates with other systems for complete protection
Our CCTV can be combined with access control and intruder alarm systems, giving you complete protection for your property.

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About CCTV from Century

Home CCTV Cameras Tamworth

CCTV has high visibility security and when combined with access control and an intruder alarm, it gives you the complete security package. Listed below are just a few reasons why we install CCTV -

  • Crime Prevention
  • Property Protection
  • Vehicle Crime
  • Lower Insurance Premiums

Unlike TV Stations which broadcast a general signal for any television to receive, a CCTV system sends its signal to a central point for observation and records the cameras onto a digital video recorder (DVR) for later playback. These pictures can then be transmitted over broadband onto a variety of devices such as, Android phone's, iPhone's, various tablet devices and PC's.


CCTV for the Home

Home CCTV Cameras Tamworth

In recent years advances in camera technology and manufacture has brought down the price and improved the quality immensely.

CCTV is affordable for both domestic and commercial users and the improvement in the quality of the pictures and digital recording qualities has meant that even the most budget priced system can reproduce definable, good quality pictures.

Having the right selection of security camera and lens is vital if your CCTV system is going to provide you with images of quality.


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